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The mid point of the cave at Tunnel Creek.

Tunnel Creek NP (WA)

Early last week Karen and I called into Tunnel Creek National Park after spending a week driving across the Gibb River Road. This really interesting location is in the southern part of the Napier Range, a line of prominent limestone peaks that create a natural barrier across the otherwise flat plains. A creek has created […]

Steep problem on the Trackside Cave at Keep River National Park.

Keep River NP (NT)

Called into Keep River National Park today. This small park is in the Northern Territory and lies against the Western Australian border. Keep River National Park is geographically the start of the Kimberley which stretches off to the west. The spectacular rock formations in this park are made up of a fairly weird sandstone quartzite […]

Karen crossing the creek above Bibblecombe Cascades. Jatbula Trail.

Jatbula Trail (NT)

Karen and I walked into the Sweetwater Pool at Edith Falls after spending five superb days walking the Jatbula Trail in Nitmiluk National Park in the Northern Territory. This enjoyable walk links Katherine Gorge / Nitmiluk (and the Katherine River) with Leliyn / Edith Falls and is about 58km long. It really does showcase some […]

Nanguluwurl art site.

Barrk Walk (NT)

Still in Kakadu National Park, Karen and I spent yesterday on the 12km-long (actually it is about 10.5km) Barrk Walk which starts at the popular Anbangbang Art Site at Nourlangie. The paintings are pretty amazing and are well worth checking out. What we weren’t prepared for however was all the various paintings that could be […]

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