At Open Spaces our main business is writing and publishing good guidebooks. However, we also offer other services, too, taking advantage of the diverse experience and many passions of our staff.


For each guidebook, we accept a limited number of advertisements from ethically-run local businesses and not-for-profit organisations whose services are relevant to our readers. Click here if you are interested in advertising with us.


Do you have a guidebook, or an idea for a guidebook, but are not sure how to make it happen? We can provide you with advice, design templates, photography and copy editing services. Guidebooks we have consulted on include the Grampians Bouldering Guide and many of the climbing guides produced by Climb Tasmania.


As well as publishing our own guidebooks, we are Australia’s leading distributor of quality outdoor adventure titles. We distribute books for many well-know authors and organisations, including: John Chapman, Australia’s leading walking guide author; the VNPA (Victorian National Parks Association) and the VCC (Victorian Climbing Club). If you have a book or a series of books you’d like us to distribute, please get in touch with us.

Gear archive

If you have any interest in the history and development of gear technology (climbing and bushwalking) check out our photo Climbing Design archive and photo Bushwalking Design archive. Much of this stuff really did change our world.


You might also want to check out Glenn Tempest’s extensive photographic archive here, and purchase rights to use images at a reasonable price.

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