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Springtime, Grampians and taking care in the outdoors

When heading outdoors, be it for a short time or a more extended period , letting someone know where you are going, should always be a consideration. Many people have something set in place for this, but for those that maybe haven’t given it too much thought, check out the Adventure Pro website. Besides, it being a great website that has listings of most things outdoor, it has these handy Let someone know before you go intention forms to be filled in and left with, as it says, someone you know. The link will take you to the form but you can also access it via Outdoor Education, Education and Training, Adventure Resources, Rescue, Trip Notes, Canoeing, Hiking,Bushwalking,Trekking and Tramping, Kayaking and Sea Kayaking headings on the site.

The Grampians as we all know, is a premier destination for outdoor activities, be it bushwalking, climbing, and camping. Now that the weather is heading towards longer days, and the flowers of Spring will be showing their glorious colours, travelling to the Grampians will be featuring highly on people’s calendars. Spring is a fantastic time to be in the area and the Spring into the Grampians website is a great starting point. It lists a variety of helpful information but for those partial to a bloom or two, this will surely get them packing up a camera and putting on their walking boots to see for themselves.

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