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Cathedral Range Visitor Updates

Step construction at the Sugarloaf area

With plenty of work going on at the Cathedral Ranges, thought it would be good idea to get the information around. Not only are there major works going on with tracks, the new shelter and toilet facility is being built in the Sugarloaf area along with an Information Board to give visitors a little background of the area.

Laying the slab for new Shelter at Sugarloaf

The Jawbones track will be closed for major track works Monday to Friday from November the 29th until Christmas . This means the only access to the Farmyard and the Jawbone climbing areas is via Ned’s Gully or Sugarloaf Saddle. During this time period the track will reopen on weekends.

Also, please take note of the logging information below. As soon as PV have firm dates for when this work will actually begin we will let you know. St Bernards Track will most likely remain open for sometime yet. However Little River Track will close as soon as any works begin.

Logging of the pines at Cooks Mill will be recommencing this summer. At some stage in the near future machinery will be forming an access track through the central Cooks Mill campground and down the Little River Tr. Then the cutting of pines will begin. Over the Christmas holiday period the only logging activity taking place will be pine cutting from the 10th Jan, and log carting from the 17th Jan – all logging works will cease over the Australia Day weekend Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday

The impacts logging will have on visitors are:

– Restricted camping around the central Cooks Mill area (Tweed Spur will remain open

– Closures to both Little River walking tr and St Bernards tr

– Sharing the road with logging trucks (after the 17th Jan, and possibly before Christmas)

– Machinery noise after the 10th of Jan and before Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Cathedral Range Visitor Updates

  1. Hi Tracey,

    Have you heard anything regarding when the works at Sugarloaf will be complete? I am interested to find out if there has been any indicitive dates at the very least.


    1. Hi Ben,

      Looking into this at the moment so will post something as soon as I know.

      1. Hi Ben,

        The ranger at Cathedral Ranges has got back to me. From all reports it looks like by the 7th of Feb the Sugarloaf shelter should be complete. Everything up there should be done except for some signage (info boards) and tree work.. Work on the Jawbone track should also be finished by the end of next week. There has also been some regrowth trimming on the walking tracks going on – all that rain has seen phenomenal growth occurring.

  2. Hi Tracey,

    Thats outstanding! Good to hear that only weeks away. I will definitely be heading up there in feb!

    Very much appreciate the assistance & Info. To be honest, I hadnt even considered asking Parks Vic / Ranger Bill.

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