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The Burchell Trail Update (Brisbane Ranges)

The Burchell Trail has seen some major realignments. These changes effect a number of walks in our Daywalks Around Melbourne and Weekend Walks Around Melbourne guides. These changes are indicated on the new 1:30,000 Brisbane Ranges National Park map by Meridian Maps. Anyone undertaking the Burchell Trail or walks utilising sections of this walk should consult this map. It is also important to note that the current Parks Victoria Brisbane Ranges National Park Visitor Guide PDF does NOT reflect these changes and should not be used by walkers. The following walks are affected.


Walk 18 (Three Creeks Walk): The Burchell trail now runs up next to Yankee Gully from the Crossing Picnic Area to Durdidwarrah Road. This means that you can walk on a trail linking the Crossing Picnic Area to Native Youth Track instead of walking up the creek bed.


The Burchell Trail (p44): From the 14km mark the walk now parallels Switch Road before dropping down to Stony Creek Picnic Ground. From Stony Creek Picnic Ground the trail now walks to Lower Stony Creek Reservoir (instead of following the Ted Errey Nature Circuit). From the dam wall the walk continues through what was once the Barwon Water Catchment Area (now incorporated into the National Park). This section of trail finishes on the Geelong – Ballan Road, crosses it and then follows Furze Track all the way to the Old Mill Walk-in Camping Ground. Probably the biggest change along the Burchell Trail is that it no longer finishes at Steiglitz. From the Crossing Picnic Area the new Burchell Trail runs up next to Yankee Gully to Durdidwarrah Road at the Pines Campground. The Burchell Trail then continues on to Fridays Track and through to finish at Fridays Picnic and Camping Ground.

5 thoughts on “The Burchell Trail Update (Brisbane Ranges)

  1. Have the weekend book and thank you for your update. Hope Park Vic pdf publication is soon updated.

  2. With the changes to the Burchell trail from Stony Creek picnic area to Old Mill campsite, is it possible to get a km distance for this section. Have both the book and the map but need to know km for a hike being organised by Scouts.

    1. Sorry Annie but I haven’t got an exact kilometre distance for Stony Creek to Old Mill Campsite.

  3. Thanks Glenn.

  4. Not sure if it’s any help for Annie, but the distances indicated from Little River camp to Old Mill don’t reflect the signage. I assume this is due to the change to the route? Signs for Little River to Old Mill are 17 km and 6 hours. I did it a week ago and it’s actually 12.91 km on the GPS. Looking at the overlay of my route compared to the Parks Vic Burchell Trail map, I followed the correct route. I double-checked this, as it made no sense on the day for the distance to be so much shorter. From the dam wall at Lower Stoney Creek Reservoir to Old Mill camp, I had a reading of 5.65 km. Give or take a few hundred metres!

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