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The Overland Track (Tas)

Every now and then a new title comes out that really impresses me. The new walking guide, The Overland Track, by Warwick Sprawson is one of those guides. The cover indicates that this is a ‘complete guide to walking, flora, fauna and history’ and it doesn’t disappoint. The book comes in a very handy pocket-size format which is great because this is definitely a guide you want to be able to readily access. There are 188 pages with 50 pages dedicated to the walk itself. The trail is conveniently divided into seven days and all of the sidetrips (such as the climb up to Mt Ossa) are accurately described.

The rest of the book packs in plenty of valuable information about the flora and fauna, all lushly illustrated with dozens of colour photographs. There is also a well written section on history and geology. As a bonus, the guide also comes with an high-quality A3(ish) plasticised map which can be removed from the back of the guide.
The Overland Track is published by Red Dog and authored by Warwick Sprawson. Its RRP is $39.95. You’ll find it in all good bushwalking shops, some quality independent bookstores and it’s available now in our online bookshop:

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