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Mt Kooyoora

Karen making her way up through the open woodland to the summit of Mt Kooyoora

One of the 36 walks we are featuring in our soon to be released Daywalks Around Victoria will be a traverse across the summit ridge of Mt Kooyoora, the most northerly mountain in the central Victorian goldfields area. Mt Kooyoora State Park is a real gem and is located 220km northwest of Melbourne, about 35min drive from Bendigo. The walk we are covering leaves White Swan Mine and climbs to the summit of Mt Kooyoora itself. The walk then continues along the West Ridge to Mount Kooyoora Track and returns along quiet vehicle tracks back to the carpark. This 10km circuit involves some off trail walking but it is very easy to navigate. Mt Kooyoora and its exposed ridge is covered with lots of granite outcrops, slabs and boulders and offers the best views in the region. A great walk to do in Autumn, winter or spring.

Mt Kooyoora and its north-facing granite slabs are an imposing sight.


Glenn walking along the West Ridge in a park-like setting.
There are lots of attractive old yellow box in the park.

2 thoughts on “Mt Kooyoora

  1. Hi guys. ove your blog. It is great to see Mt Kooyoora Featured. There are some terrific walks in Central/Northern Victoria, and while they are not classically “Pretty” like the Otways or Gippsland, the biodiversity and differeing landscapes makes for some really interesting photography. Keep the good work up friends. As for me, I am heading to Marysville with my family this weekend, so I look forward to following some of your walks outlined in your blog…Steavensons Falls here I come!!! hehehe

  2. Completely agree that Mt Kooyoora is a real hidden gem of a walk.

    I turned my day trip last year into a bit of an epic circuit by including the longer southern look around the southern section of the park, and then walking up Kirwans Road and walking the route you describe above.

    Couldn’t recommend it enough. A good mix of wilderness and off-trail, without it being particularly navigationally challenging.

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