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Arapiles iPhone App New Version 1.0.3 Now Released


What’s New in Version 1.0.3

This iCrag Arapiles App update is free to anyone who has already purchased the app. Additional features include…

Nine new wall topos, 20 new routes and 18 new lower-offs.
In response to user feedback, we have improved the Search functionality.
A number of minor glitches were removed.

Check out our original post and all of this apps features here.

Buy the iCrag Arapiles App from the Apple iTunes Store.



4 thoughts on “Arapiles iPhone App New Version 1.0.3 Now Released

  1. Are there any plans to include the bouldering content from the book in future versions of the app?

    1. Sorry Jennifer. No plans to include any bouldering content in the near future.

  2. After downloading the latest update the Arapiles app no longer works on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

  3. No issues have been reported regarding this update. Try rebooting the phone and failing that you can email the developers at iCrag ( at We work in conjunction with these guys.

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