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Bushwalks in the Victorian Alps updates

These updates are available to download here

January 25, 2010
Walk 25 (Three Craggy Peaks)

On the first day, as the trail climbs King Spur, the route flattens out just prior to the final climb (through rocky bluffs) to the summit of Mt Koonika. Where the flatter terrain abruptly ends before the final climb, the best route to the top is along a faint track that sidles to the left and onto the northern slopes of King Spur. The trail climbs steeply then cuts back to intersect the spur immediately below the summit. A final push through some crags brings you to the grassy top.

January 25, 2010
Walk 16 (Mt Buller West Ridge)

The peak referred to in the introductory notes as Mt Tabletop should actually be Mt Timbertop.

2 thoughts on “Bushwalks in the Victorian Alps updates

  1. This is an amazing bushwalk, im about to take some friends along this trail and introduce them to the victorian high country, the first day is very difficut for beginners and i would recommend they be quite fit and to double the estimated hiking time written in the book. The last two days of hiking are along a 4WD track, which comes as a welcome relief from the big slog on the first day. Mt speculation and Lake cobbler are truly breathtaking places to camp. Hiking to and from these locations is a wonderful experience and i often revisit this hike in my mind whist daydreaming at work.

    1. Rish, if you have not done it yet I recommend that you start at Lake Cobbler at walking into King Hut via Muesli Spur. Rather steep section 2/3 the way but much better than slogging it along the road. That also gives you all day to enjoy the King Spur section.

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