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Walk 60 (Wilhelmina Falls)

Closed due to the February 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Most of the bridges and visitor facilities were destroyed.

2 thoughts on “Walk 60 (Wilhelmina Falls)

  1. We did the walk a few weeks back (April 2010). There is a new bridge about 100 metres further downstream from the original suspension bridge. You have to hop over the wire fence to get to it. Getting up the falls is difficult as there are now no steps. You have to “bush bash” and clamber up the RHS of the falls. It’s not too difficult. There are no signposts on the tracks. We got “lost” a couple of times but could find our direction again fairly readily.

    1. Hi Fred,
      I think you’ll find that the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve is closed to walkers at the moment. That is probably why you had to hop over a wire fence to get to the new bridge. The trails are currently undergoing clearing and it is no wonder you had some difficulties. I’m surprised that there were no signs indicating that the walking trails are currently closed.

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