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Barrk Walk (NT)

Kakadu cliffs along the Barrk Walk.

Still in Kakadu National Park, Karen and I spent yesterday on the 12km-long (actually it is about 10.5km) Barrk Walk which starts at the popular Anbangbang Art Site at Nourlangie. The paintings are pretty amazing and are well worth checking out. What we weren’t prepared for however was all the various paintings that could be found along the walk. Interestingly these art sites are not advertised as part of the walks attraction. The Barrk Walk climbs to the top of the escarpment past a small seasonal waterfall and then traverses across the escarpment tops, weaving among hundreds of weathered rock formations. Its a walk full of surprises and the views of the Kakadu wetlands seemingly stretch forever. About halfway along the walk, at the base of the escarpment, we reached Nanguluwur, another wonderful art site. This one is a little off the beaten path for most tourists and is a tranquil place. All in all an excellent walk.


Download this walk to view on your GPS (.gpx) [dm]1[/dm]

Download this walk to view in Google Earth (.kmz)

Download this walk to view on your GPS (.gpx)

Nanguluwurl art site.
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