Daywalks Around Victoria


• Our aim is to combine traditional book publishing with online content and compatibility.
• GPS tracks can be viewed on either Google Earth (as a visual overview of the walk) or uploaded to your hand-held navigation device. These files can also be opened on various mapping software packages (such as MapSource) to access detailed information (such as elevation profiles).
• Many of our published walks will eventually be freely available as both .gpx and .kmz files from the drop-down menu.
• We map most of our walking trails using a hand-held Garmin GPSmap 60CSx device. If you don’t own a Garmin GPS device, don’t fret. All of our original Garmin .gdb files have been converted to .gpx files (GPS eXchange Format). This popular open format is commonly used to exchange waypoint, route and track data between various brands of GPS devices and mapping software.
• All of our .gpx files have been simplified to under 500 track points for faster downloading.
• Waypoint data is provided on all our .gpx files and will be kept up to date where possible.


Simply click on the KMZ link with your cursor and the .kmz file will automatically open in Google Earth (as long as you have it installed on your machine). You can left click on the GPX link and save it as a file to your computer. This file can then be uploaded to your hand-held navigation device. Google Earth also has native support for .gpx files containing GPS data. In Google Earth go to File > Open and navigate to your folder containing the downloaded .gpx file. If you cannot see the .gpx file in your folder try selecting the right file type (All File Types). Open the file.


Walk #Walk nameFile for GPS deviceFile for Google Earth
1Wild Otways01-Wild-Otways.gpx01-Wild-Otways1.kmz
2Lorne Forest Walk02-Lorne-Forest-Walk.gpx02-Lorne-Forest-Walk.kmz
3Erskine Falls03-Erskine-Falls.gpx03-Erskine-Falls1.kmz
4Around Aireys Inlet04-Around-Aireys-Inlet.gpx04-Around-Aireys-Inlet2.kmz
5Volcano Country05-Volcano-Country.gpx05-Volcano-Country1.kmz
6Major Mitchell Plateau06-Major-Mitchel-Plateau.gpx06-Major-Mitchel-Plateau2.kmz
7Mount Rosea and Sundial Peak07-Rosea-and-Sundial-Peak.gpx07-Rosea-and-Sundial-Peak.kmz
8Stapylton Amphitheatre08-Stapylton-Ampitheatre.gpx08-Stapylton-Ampitheatre1.kmz
9The Fortress Caves09-The-Fortress.gpx09-The-Fortress1.kmz
10Desert Discovery Walk10-Little-Desert.gpx10-Little-Desert.kmz
11Wyperfield Walk11-Wyperfeld-Walk.gpx11-Wyperfeld-Walk.kmz
12Desert Lakes12-Desert-Lakes.gpx12-Desert-Lakes.kmz
13Langhi Ghiran13-Langhi-Ghiran.gpx13-Langhi-Ghiran1.kmz
14The Little Forest14-Little-Forest.gpx14-Little-Forest1.kmz
15Brisbane Ranges15-Brisbane-Ranges.gpx15-Brisbane-Ranges.kmz
16Werribee Gorge16-Werribee-Gorge.gpx16-Werribee-Gorge.kmz
17Clearwater Creek17-Clearwater-Creek.gpx17-Clearwater-Creek.kmz
18Blackwood Walk18-Blackwood-Walk.gpx18-Blackwood-Walk.kmz
19Pyrites Creek19-Pyrites-Creek.gpx19-Pyrites-Creek.kmz
20Mount Kooyoora20-Mt-Kooyoora.gpx20-Mt-Kooyoora.kmz
21Forest Creek Diggings21-Forest-Creek-Diggings.gpx21-Forest-Creek-Diggings.kmz
22Castlemaine Gold22-Castlemaine-Gold.gpx22-Castlemaine-Gold.kmz
23Dandenong Ranges Walk23-Dandenong-Ranges-Walk.gpx23-Dandenong-Ranges-Walk.kmz
24Walk into History24-Walk-Into-History.gpx24-Walk-Into-History.kmz
25Cathedral and the Jawbones25-Cathedral-and-the-Jawbones.gpx25-Cathedral-and-the-Jawbones.kmz
26Walhalla Historic Walk26-Walhalla-Historic-Walk.gpx26-Walhalla-Historic-Walk.kmz
27Pine Mountain27-Pine-Mountain.gpx27-Pine-Mountain.kmz
28Mount Buller Traverse28-Mt-Buller-Traverse.gpx28-Mt-Buller-Traverse.kmz
29Mount McDonald29-Mt-McDonald.gpx29-Mt-McDonald.kmz
30Howitt and the High Country30-Howitt-and-the-High-Country.gpx30-Howitt-and-the-High-Country.kmz
31Mount Feathertop31-Mt-Feathertop.gpx/31-Mt-Feathertop.kmz
32Mount Buffalo Circuit32-Mt-Buffalo-Circuit.gpx32-Mt-Buffalo-Circuit.kmz
33Mount Cobberas33-Mt-Cobberas.gpx33-Mt-Cobberas.kmz
34Silver Mine Walking Track34-Silver-Mine-Walking-Track.gpx34-Silver-Mine-Walking-Track.kmz
35Cape Liptrap Coast Walk35-Cape-Liptrap-Coast-Walk.gpx35-Cape-Liptrap-Coast-Walk.kmz
36Oberon Bay36-Oberon-Bay.gpx36-Oberon-Bay.kmz