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Walk 58 (Tanglefoot Track)

Despite the fires nearby, this trail is still open to walkers.

From David Lau in January 2013. I thought I’d drop you a line concerning walk 58 in Daywalks Around Melbourne. My wife and I did the walk recently and there have been some track changes since your last edition in 2005. We started at Tanglefoot Car Park and planned to follow the walk as per your book. After the intersection with Myrtle Gully track about 1km in, your map shows Tanglefoot track running without any junction down to Monda Road, about 8kms in. In fact after around 60 minutes walking we hit a T junction which was unmarked apart from two small arrows on a post, one pointing the way we came from and the other pointing straight on. The path off to our left was unsigned. In the absence of any other signs we decided to walk straight on, only to find ourselves at Wirrawilla rainforest walk about 10 minutes later. It turned out we should have taken the left turn, as this turned out to be the continuation of Tanglefoot track to Monda Road. Obviously the track linking the Tanglefoot track and Wirrawilla is fairly new. It doesn’t appear on the DSE maps of the area, either during the walk or online; I have attached a DSE map that I downloaded. However, note that this new track is not the track on the DSE map joining Quarry walking track and Tanglefoot track – that track is a second “link” track about a km further on.