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Winter in Wyperfeld

If you have ever wanted to visit Victoria’s semi-arid desert regions, then winter and early spring is the best time to do so. These pics were shot in early July at Wonga Campground in Wyperfeld National Park, about 440km northwest of Melbourne. Wonga Campground is an ideal place to base yourself as it provides a convenient gateway to the unique mallee terrain as well as the nearby sand dunes and floodplains. Definitely bring a pair of walking boots as the only way to really experience Wyperfeld is to walk through it. You’ll also need a good sleeping bag and a down jacket as it will get very cold at night. The benefits, of course, are star-filled skies and wonderfully clear, crisp days. Easily one of the most extraordinary, underrated and beautiful parks in Victoria. For those unfamiliar with Wyperfeld National Park, we cover some of the walking trails in our new Daywalks around Victoria guide.