Law Unto Himself (PDF) e-book

Michael Law. Regarded as one of Australia’s most talented climbers. This is his climbing story.

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By Michael Law. In the early 1970s a young red-headed Sydney schoolboy exploded onto the Australian climbing scene. Michael Law was born in a era of dinosaur lines, etriers and ironmongery but, by a stroke of luck, his appearance also coincided with the first ripples of the free- and clean-climbing movement that was soon to become a tsunami. Young, quirky and tormented, Michael quickly became what many of us believe to be the most talented of Australia’s now legendary ‘New Wave’ generation of the 1970s and 80s.
‘Law Unto Himself” is his climbing story.
First Edition, Open Spaces Publishing, 2013. PDF e-book, 200 pages, B/W with 20 colour pages.


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